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Welcome to Alphabiotics Atlanta!
Alphabiotics is a breakthrough in stress relief. It increases your body's ability to respond, handle, and overcome daily negative stress, thereby speeding up healing and avoiding future illness.
Since each person is different, stress masks itself in different symptoms. The symptoms may look like headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, lack of focus, depression, internal system imbalances, etc. Using a hands-on process, Alphabiotics, helps your body gently realign all systems towards balance.
Invented in 1924, it is now being recognized as one of the up and coming alleviators of physical, mental and emotional stress and if used consistently, can maintain your well being on a daily basis.
What is stress?
Stress is our reaction to anything - good or bad - that upsets our balance. Virtually all of the body's systems: the heart and blood vessels, the immune system, the lungs, the digestive system, the sensory organs and the brain are all modified to meet the perceived change. Learn more about stress...